Why Bog

I always focus on blogging as a center point for content creation. I, like most of my clients, am an owner of a small business. I struggle to find the balance between working on projects for clients and working to grow my business. I have had so many conversations with other business owners. We all have similar desires and concerns. We wish our web sites were up to date with our latest content ideas. We wish there was more time to engage our social media audience. We wish there was more time for all of our great ideas, and for those of you who pay people to do these things for you, I bet you wish there was a way to measure if it's really worth it.

I can address every item on the wish list by blogging. This site currently has three pages (About, Blog, Contact). My Contact page will not change much. I have email at my domain, a phone number, address, and a contact form. The About page will remain steady until I get more certifications. The easiest part of my site to update is the blog. I don't have to make changes to a template or anything techy.

I can blog from my phone and add pictures with one click. My blogging platform(Squarespace) publishes posts to all my social media accounts. Now I don't have to feel guilty for failing to update Facebook regularly. I have yet to tweet with any regularity and probably wont start so why not let my blog tweet for me. The best part is that I can get rear-instant feedback. If my blog posts the same content to several social media outlets, I can watch the results in my Analytics console to measure which social media audience is engaging with that content. If, for instance, no one from Twitter is interacting with my content, maybe I need to pay more attention to my profile or audience on Twitter. Am I following the right people? Should I comment more? If a certain type of content starts to catch traction, consider a page on your site for it. Maybe your blog/social media audience is trying to tell you something.

Lastly, blogging is the easiest thing a small business owner can learn to do. If you knew everything about your CMS, you'd be in the web design business. If you knew everything there is to know about the perfect Facebook post, you'd be in social media marketing. Most of my blog posts are made from a mobile app. Right now I'm sitting on the shore of Lake Martin, enjoying a great day outside. The wake-boarders are putting on a good show and a nap is in my immediate future.